The Story

May 20, 2016 | No Comments

I truly needed an architect wallet. My hubby gave me one a couple of years back on Christmas. I adored that wallet and painstakingly started stacking it up will the greater part of my stuff. That wallet started to develop and develop like an inflatable prepared to blast.

I had such a large number of cards in it! Dependability cards, rebate cards, blessing cards, coupon cards, regular punch cards, long standing customer cards, gambling club cards and business cards. Ahhhh-cards, cards, cards! My wallet busted at the creases. I was distraught.

I began to sort through all of my cards thinking maybe I didn’t need them all. But what I found was that I used them all at some point or another. I liked getting my discount at the grocery store, I really liked getting my smoothie card punched, that 11th one is free and I LOVE free. I get a free car wash too at the magical number of 11, so that card had to stay. I pool all of my beauty supply purchases. Every few months or so they send me a coupon for a “gift” based on my purchases. Last time I pulled in 3 bottles of perfume that were great birthday gifts for my family. That card definitely stays!

If I remove my less used cards, like my gym card, I’ll likely never find them again…they seem to have minds and legs of their own. They end up everywhere; the car, my pocket, the junk drawer, hidden in that special place that even I can’t remember because it’s so special… If they are not in my purse, I don’t use them. If they are in my purse or wallet, there are too many and I can’t find what I’m looking for.

How many times have I stood in line with the sweat beginning to build because I couldn’t find the right card in my wallet? There are too many cards to sort through and now I’m holding up the line. Embarrassing. How many times have I had to call into the 800# for a gift card balance? How many times has the cashier asked me for my phone number to honor the discount and the phone number was not a match and now they give me another card. Only to later find the other 2 or 3 that I have for the same store. Now which one should I use?

All of this disorganization drove me nuts.

It shouldn’t be so difficult.

The A-ha moment hit me. I didn’t need to get rid of the cards, I needed a better way to contain them for ease of use. Something easy, something stylish and something where my cards weren’t tucked away. Something that wasn’t a wallet.

I got all of those cards out of all of their hiding spots and put them on “The Card Cache.”

My shopping experience instantly changed.

I could whip out The Card Cache in two seconds flat and ta-da…there’s just the card I need.

This was fun!

I am suddenly so organized that I am taking advantage of even more discounts because I have a system in place. Cashiers and the people in line before and after me oohed and ahhed at the system and asked where they could find one. Friends and family asked me if I could get them organized too. And that’s how my mission to organize the world one purse at a time began.

While researching the product I came upon some staggering statistics about gift card redemption. I found that there are billions of dollars left on gift cards each and every year that are never spent. Many states have passed laws to consider this money abandoned property so that it goes to the state rather than retail profit.

Operation Junk Drawer is a simple idea. Let’s divert that money to people who need it.

Let’s search our junk drawers and empty out our wallets and purses of those gift cards with small balances that we aren’t using and have little value to us. Let’s donate them to organizations like The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity so those in need receive a helping hand. Let’s make the world a better place.

How about we seek our garbage drawers and void out our wallets and satchels of those blessing cards with little adjusts that we aren’t utilizing and have little esteem to us. How about we give them to associations like The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity so those in need get some assistance. We should improve the world a spot.