customSo you think The Card Cache is pretty clever, huh? Your marketing mind is going crazy.

First you thought, “We need that in our store, by the register and our gift cards we sell.” Now your wheels are turn’in and you’re think’in, “How cool would that be to have our own logo on The Card Cache. Go ahead, make The Card Cache 100% custom and as unique as Your brand.

We’re not stingy with the idea over here…we’re organizing the world one purse at a time and invite you to join the party and help conquer purse clutter once and for all.

Here’s the scoop:

To make The Card Cache custom, you may need graphic or art assistance. Simple or complex, no problem, you will be spoiled by the creative art department who is always ready to assist you with creating The Card Cache tight with your brand if you have one or creating something entirely unique.

Your custom order will be made with top quality metal molds to provide you with a product that exudes a very high level of quality and substance when both seen and held.

  • Finishes: Highly polished chrome or antiqued silver
  • Custom shaped: Yes
  • Design assistance: Complimentary
  • Standard packaging: Individually poly bagged
  • Custom packaging: Fine handmade custom formed gift boxes available
  • Manufacturing: 4 weeks for sample, 4 weeks after proof approval for order
  • Minimum order: 500
  • Art Requirements: Will depend upon the project
  • Pricing: Will depend upon the project

Whether you are a high profile branded retail store, looking for a great product for a fundraiser or want to customize The Card Cache with your boutique’s logo, let’s get to it!

If you are ready to begin the process of customizing The Card Cache to meet your individual needs, please call us at 866-431-2552.