How it works ?

work1Step One

  • Check out all of your cards and choose which side of each card is best for punching the hole.
    *(You’ll want to avoid punching the magnetic strip.)
  • Place them in a stack.
  • All of your hole punching will be in the upper left hand corner on your cards.
  • Start punching. Your holes do not have to be exactly lined up each time…just get them close and all in the upper left corner.





Step Two

  • Lay flat, open and thread your cards and accessories on.
  • Thread the cards on in whatever order you prefer:
    • Alphabetical
    • Color Coded
    • Most Used
  • Screw The Card Cache closed tightly.




Step Three

  • Swipe and go!
  • You’re going to love how easy it is to use when you’re in that check out line…flare your cards to find the one you want.
  • There’s no need to remove the cards for use, just slide the magnetic strip through the machine or hand The Card Cache to the cashier, waitress etc.
  • Finished with a card? We like to cut the used card off with a pair of scissors and recycle.