Hair Band Organizer

Saturday, February 25th, 2012
Pinterest is really fun and useful.  I found this idea and was able to immediately do it.

I bought an oatmeal can.  I grabbed double stick tape out of the drawer and hunted the paper from a dark closet buried deep in the corner.  (I was going to scrapbook with this paper, I guess the fact that my daughter is almost 5 means I can use this paper for the hairband can without regret…the scrapbook is not going to happen.)

But the head band organizer is happening.  Do you LOVE it?  I simply wrapped the paper around the can and stuck it on a candle base.

You have no idea how this has cleaned up that one drawer that always had stuff half shut in it.

It’s quite pretty too.

It cost $3.00 to make and took all of 5 minutes.

Just call me Martha…it made me feel good to fit a do-it-yourself project into the hectic schedule.

p.s. The oatmeal is still inside the can.  HeHe!  I suppose that if we ever need food in an emergency we will raid the can.  I thought the weight of the can was great with the oatmeal left in it.  My little girl can put her bands on and off without knocking the whole thing over this way.  I suppose you could empty the can and put hair ties and what not on the inside…I cut a circle and glued it on top.

Whatcha waiting for?  Go get an oatmeal can and get to work.

You will love it!